How it works

Creation process

The actual modeling works starts right after approval of the estimate.
Images will be posted to the preview page and you'll receive e-mail about the updates.
There will be a rough 3d model to help us define camera positions and angles or camera paths. Textured 3d models will be created.
Preview images are posted to allow for your input regarding the model and applied materials.
Lighting will be added to the 3d environments.
Images showing revisions to the projects will be posted to allow you to fine-tune your project.
Bigger image files will be posted as we approach the final stages so you can check all details before approval of the final imagery.
You might want to use companies you have worked with before for printing, video editing or presentation materials. I will gladly work with these companies to ensure that my output fits their needs.


Final image files will be compressed and can be downloaded directly.
A CD containing your project files will be mailed to you as well.
Still renderings can be printed as Digital-C or IRIS print, mounted on Gator board and shipped via FEDEX



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